What is Bomb Shelter Radio?

Bomb Shelter Radio is an Art project that I've be working on for over a decade. Over the years the project has continually inspired me to make my own (Commercial Free) radio station dedicated rare Rock n Roll, Soul Music, Exotica, Mambo, R&B, and more. This quest to dig out rare and forgotten music has taking me all over the world. The exchange of music and culture is the primary motive of the project and the touchstone of my Art practice.

How Your Support is used. 

  1. Your support helps me keep this show on the road, literally. One of my major interests with this project is to bring low powered radio and good music to different places across the the United States. 
  2. Your donations help me create new objects for making radio.  I explore different ways of creating radio through site specific installations, mobile radio projects, like the "Lucille Valentine tour" and the countless objects I've created like portable FM radio transmitter units and hand made custom radios.
  3. Becoming a MEMBER: ($5 monthly donation) gives you exclusive access to our top secret country/western radio project PALE HORSE RADIO. 



How I started making Radio.

I discovered FM Radio transmission by accident, while working on my Thesis MFA show at UC Davis. During that time I was creating driving simulators which involved remote controlled cars and wireless video cameras. The idea occurred to me that I should make a radio station for my driving simulators. It turns out FM transmitting is the same transmitting technology used in wireless cameras and RC cars. Bomb Shelter Radio spawned out of that exploration and sent me on a path of making radio ever since.

What is Next.

Bomb Shelter Radio is notorious for pushing the bounderies of radio. Currently we’re working on a new mobile radio project. We’re exploring ways to transform a 1970’s era GMC RV into a mobile radio station. Let’s us know if you have a hook up on a motorhome we can purchase. 
We’re always looking for venues, museums, galleries and alternative spaces to create BSR installations. These temporary Radio encounters are the backbone of Bomb Shelter Radio.